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Data Journalist wanted at Venture Capital and Angel Investment Database
  • CLTCostaCLTCosta April 2012
    Posts: 43
    The company is looking for a data journalist/data scientist to join its team in NYC. Candidates will find and develop stories using company's data including financing, M&A, social media, news, and jobs data related to private companies and their investors and acquirers.

    The ideal candidate will have a few years of experience after their undergraduate degree and must be happy, hungry and humble.

    Specifically, to be successful in this role, you should be very comfortable with:
    - Tools that let you ask questions of data: At a minimum, this means you are a power Excel user and can use it to analyze and find patterns in data. If you use only shortcut keys and know pivot tables like the back of your hand, that's probably a good start. If you know VBA or know statistical tools like R, that's an even bigger plus.
    - Analysis: A background in computer science, math, statistics or finance will probably be best.
    - Presentation & Story Telling: You need to be able to be a good writer who can take your analysis and convey it in a compelling and clear way using graphs, charts and other visualizations. The ability to create interactive visualizations, infographics, etc is also a huge plus in being able to convey your stories. If you've used or are familiar with Google Visualizations, d3, HighCharts, Raphael, or other similar tools, bonus points.
    - Storyboarding: You'll need to be comfortable coming up with your own data-driven story ideas and get comfortable in many different domains - everything from venture capital to internet companies to electric vehicles.

    Other things that will likely make you a shoe: in for this role:
    - Experience with data collection & extraction: While we have most of the data you'll need for your analysis, if you have experience with data collection and extraction, that'll be useful.
    - Model & Algorithm Development: Prior experience with the development & creation of models and algorithms.
    Previous data analysis/storytelling experience: Either in a prior role or on your own (personal blog for example).
    - Startup/Emerging Technology Enthusiast: We track high growth private companies (tech to biotech to clean tech) and their investors and acquirers. Prior experience and interest in these areas will be a big plus.
    - MySQL querying capabilities: If the words LEFT OUTER JOIN mean anything to you, then you might be in the right place.

    For more information and applications please visit the website.

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