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The Open Knowledge Foundation is looking for a Data Visualisation Developer
  • CLTCostaCLTCosta May 2012
    Posts: 43
    As a Data Visualisation Developer, much of your time will be spent on our flagship OpenSpending project.

    OpenSpending is about mapping the money. We want to make government finances accessible to advocates, journalists and citizens. Our goal is to collect budgeting information from across the world and to present it in a form that promotes understanding, analysis and participation. Some of the questions we ask are:

    How much is government spending on health? Is expenditure growing or shrinking? How does this translate into results?
    What are the proportions of different government programmes? What is spending on prisons compared to schools? How much is Ghana spending on education compared to Nigeria? How much tax do I pay into which area of government?

    Our day-to-day work has many facets. We work on the core platform, undertake journalistic projects as part of “Spending Stories”, which won the Knight News Challenge in 2011, and work with organizations and civic activists world-wide to set up local budget transparency projects.

    You’ll help us to create new visualizations to answer spending questions through meaningful, visual narration.

    Skills we’re looking for include:

    - Strong visual design skills
    - HTML5/Javascript visualisation experience
    - Familiarity with several visualization toolkits (e.g. D3, Raphael)
    - Experience with cross-browser compatibility
    - Plus (but optional): Knowledge of Python

    Basically: send us some demos of good stuff you’ve done.

    For more information, please reach us via email.

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